The 2.2.1 maintenance release of Geppetto is available as ready to run download or update from within Geppetto for all users of 2.x Please see the FAQ for information if you run into problems updating). Checkout how to update if you don't know how.

In this release

  • Recognition of hiera functions is now included in all puppet targets.
  • Project specific preference flags are now stored in the project itself instead of in the workspace metadata. If you have used project specific settings you may need to re-enable them after the update. The good news is that project specific settings can be checked in and takes effect automatically when importing the project into a new workspace/instance of Geppetto. Project specific preferences now also behaves as expected (platform bugs had surprising results regarding what was actually saved).
  • Malfunction in Auto Save Actions could destroy content (this was released as a hot-fix).
  • The fictional 2.8 target is now replaced with a 3.0.0 target based on the puppet 3.0.0 release candidate 3. If you had 2.8 selected as a target, you will automatically get the new 3.0 target.
  • General stability fixes, and fixes of spelling/wording errors.

See the relase notes for more detailed information about fixed issues.