The 2.1.2 maintenance release of Geppetto is available as ready to run download or update from within Geppetto for all users of 2.x Please see the FAQ for information if you run into problems updating). Checkout how to update if you don't know how.

In this release

  • Code completion of variables and quick fixes based on closest matching names. Works in string interpolation too.
  • Helps correct problems with the confusing addition and removal of hyphen as a legal character in variable names. These are now validated and quickfixes are available.
  • Save actions preferences that will automatically remove trailing whitespace from lines, replace all "funky" spaces (non breaking space, and all other variants of space) with regular space, and ensuring that file ends with a newline. These save actions are configurable for the workspace and projects can have individual (persisted) settings.
  • Preferences available for Potential Problems, and Stylistic Problems where it is possible to control if these checks should be made and if they are ignored, flagged as errors or warnings.
  • Checks added for selector expressions and case statements (default, duplicated and unreachable entries, etc.)
  • Improved validation:
    • Illegal assignments to numerical variables
    • "false" != false, "true" != true
    • Numerical operations on known non-numerical operands (e.g. 1 + 'hello')
    • Missing comma between entries improved (better message, and quickfix added)
  • Turns on puppet nature automatically when opening editor on a .pp file
  • SVN and Git support are now separately updateable (and uninstallable). This enables users to switch to Subclipse (from the bundled Subversion) to get support for SVN 1.7.
  • Files external to Geppetto workspace can now be opened and edited. Geppetto links them to an automatically created special project (and unlinks them on close). This makes the files open in a reasonable context, and it is possible to navigate to them from error markers etc. This is not a substitute for having proper projects, but is very useful when just wanting to look at/edit/copy text from a file available in the filesystem. (Note that files in this special project resolve references against all other files in the same project).

See the relase notes for more detailed information about fixed issues.