The 2.1 feature release of Geppetto is available as ready to run download or update from within Geppetto for all users of 2.0.x. Please see the FAQ for information if you run into problems updating). Checkout how to update if you don't know how.

In this release

  • 20Mb smaller footprint! and more functionality.
  • Geppetto helps with the transition from dynamically scoped variables (supported by puppet <= 2.7), to the "local, inherited, and global"-only scopes support ed by 2.8. Geppetto does this by validating variable references for target >= puppet 2.7, and offering suggestions for fixes.
    • Geppetto supports best practice, i.e., to make all references to global variables use the '::' namespace (i.e., use $::operatingsystem, in favor of $operatingsystem).
    • Geppetto helps by flagging "unknown" variables, as well as "unknown and unqualified". When targeting 2.7 these are flagged as errors, and when targeting the future 2.8, they are flagged as errors.
    • Unfortunately, it is not possible for Geppetto to validate the existence of all global variables as a majority are not known until runtime.
    • For target 2.6, Geppetto behaves as before (no warnings or errors as it is impossible to statically verify the existence of dynamically scoped variables).
    • For target >= 2.7, Geppetto requires that all non global qualified refer ences are to known variables and will issue warnings (2.7), or errors (2.8). As a consequence Geppetto 2.1 knows about variables in the $settings:: namespace.
  • Fixes issues, and regressions in 2.0.1 validation.
  • Support for Java (Eclipse JDT) removed from packaged product.
  • Based on Eclipse Indigo SR1 which means a large number of fixed issues in base functionality, and git support.

See the relase notes for more detailed information about fixed issues.