The 2.0.0 release of Geppetto is available as download and updates from within Geppetto for all users of 1.0.x. Please see the FAQ for information if you run into problems updating). Checkout how to update if you don't know how.

In this release

  • Code completion of resource expressions (types and definitions) and their attributes.
  • Selection of puppet target (2.6 or 2.7) can now be made in preferences. Puppet 2.7 is now the default.
  • Tasks are now generated from comments. Comments with the tags "todo" or "fixme" (case insensitive) are interpreted as "tasks" and show up in the Task View. An exclamation mark "!" anywhere in the message makes the task "important". When comments ends with a tag, the text on the same line up to the tag is used as task text. e.g. '$mispeled = false # fixme'.
  • Support for search path and environment (removes many ambiguity warnings). This feature provides detailed control over what is visible and prioritizes among otherwise ambiguous matches. Preferences available globally and per project.
  • Wizards have been improved (added wizards, better names, error handling).
  • Improvements to validation (more cases and code-smells caught)
  • Suggestions and quickfix using "soundex" for "unknown names"-errors. Type 'gebud' and Geppetto will guess you meant 'debug'.
  • Preference pages added, and preferences per project supported.
  • Auto edit (auto insert) of '' "" () {} [] /* */ can be turned on/off individually via preferences.
  • Check for updates of Geppetto turned on by default in packaged Geppetto. Check out the preferences for detailed control over update policy.
  • Packaged Geppetto uses Eclipse Indigo as base (IDE version supports >= Helios SR2). This means numerous bugfixes and enhancements to the general platform.
  • Nice icons for files, Modulefile, Manifests and puppet projects.
  • Supports alternate location of forge (mainly for testing).
  • Log View added to packaged Geppetto (it was hard to find details about some errors without this).
  • Numerous issues fixes.

See the relase notes for more detailed information about fixed issues.