The 1.0.2 release of Geppetto is available as an update from within Geppetto for all users of 1.0.x. Please see the FAQ for information if you run into problems updating from 1.0.0). Checkout how to update if you don't know how.

In this release

  • Proposals for unknown references available as quick fixes (type 'gebud' and Geppetto will guess you meant 'debug').
  • Supports turning 'todo' and 'fixme' in comments into tasks. The tags are not case sensitive. If a '!' is found (somewhere) after the tag, the created task will have high priority set in the task list. Task comment text is colored dark grey by default (configurable).
  • Default platform is now puppet 2.7.
  • File properties/parameters for SELinux are now recognized.
  • Circular module dependencies now generate a warning instead of error.
  • Calls to 'include' and 'require' now validate their arguments (if they are static), and any reference errors are reported.
  • Validation of String Interpolation improved (small errors would cause wide consequences).
  • Improvements in module import from forge, and module metadata editing.
See the relase notes for more detailed information about fixed issues.